First Diet Tip - Give up dieting!

You’ll probably be wondering why this is my first diet tip. You’ll probably be shaking your head and about to hit the X button on the top corner of your browser. But bear with me! I’ll explain.

           I struggled with dieting all my life and hated

    ABSOLUTELY HATED! going on diets.


I was tired, frustrated by people constantly telling me to stop eating and to go exercise. When I did go on diets it was dreadful every time. Just the thought that I had to continue another day made me miserable. I would continue for a week and give up. I would lose some pounds and gain more than before. I gradually grew tired of failing over and over again. Eventually, I gave up altogether. I lost control. Coupled with the stress of being a senior in high school and having an excuse to binge eat, I came to be around 264 pounds. That is when I threw away my scale, which I do not have one until this day. I continued to grow big, well not as a person, I wish, but literally size-wise, until I went to college. So only God knows how much weight I might have gained.

Before Diet

Before Diet

Freshman year in college was when everything changed.

After a few weeks of adjusting to college life, I decided to give dieting one more chance. I dragged myself to the university gym and forced myself to walk on the treadmill with Homer's Odyssey in front of me. Awesome book by the way.  All I could do was walk because I couldn't run due to my weight. I love walking and I think walking is the best exercise anyone can do which I'll cover why in another post.

I made it a chore to go to the gym every day after class. I hated it but stuck to it and after few weeks I started to see a difference and somehow I was eating less. It is then I realized that I was no longer thinking about the word 'DIET'. The word 'diet' automatically implies eating less and not eating the foods you like. And for someone who shivers at the mere thought of not eating a piece of fried chicken when they want to, like me, no wonder diets never worked. I associated diet with starving myself, although in hindsight I probably ate more than I should have but back then that was starving to me. I unconsciously rejected diet because I simply loved food so much and I could not bear to think of giving that up. That small piece of enlightenment completely changed my attitude towards diet.

Diet is not about taking away the foods that you love but about mindful eating. I ate what I was craving at the moment but in moderation. I no longer was stressed about diet because I no longer had to give up one of my life's greatest joy; eating food. That is very important. If you can't do something you love, what is the point?

So stop dieting! Enjoy life! Weight loss is a life long journey. Once you are overweight there is no turning back. It will always be a struggle all throughout your life. So learn to enjoy it. Eat the things you want when you want to. But just remember to get back at it the next day. Weight loss will not happen overnight. Even if it does it's highly likely that you would gain it back if not more. I'm sure you've heard of contestants in famous diet programs who have gained more weight after the show. It is just not possible to keep going through the intense process all throughout your life. So I encourage you to rethink about your attitude towards diet. And learn to enjoy it. Feel the joy of gradually being able to fit into smaller clothes until you can get into the outfit that's been hanging on your wall forever.


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