Diet Tips - How I lost 132 pounds!

My diet story is not a success story. Its an ongoing process that I learned to embrace!

Before(unhappy) and After(happy)

Before(unhappy) and After(happy)


        When I told people around me that I was going on a diet. This was the first thing every single person said to me. Even my parents had no faith in me because it was obvious to both of them that I simply loved eating too much and that I would not have the perseverances to go on. I proved them wrong and more importantly MYSELF! I too had no faith in myself, doubted I would even continue for 2 days. God knows how many times I failed.  But I never stopped trying.

        Although it took few years, I was able to lose 132 pounds and have been maintaining my weight. Along the way I learned to embrace failure. And it's ok to fail! You can do better tomorrow and by the time you know it you will be one step closer to your goal.  I am 143 pounds and happy. SO YOU CAN BE TOO!



For my first post, a friend asked me to share some of my tips on successful dieting. So here goes. I will touch on these specifically in future posts.

1. Give up dieting when you want to and start again. It took me seven years to lose 132kg so ill leave it to you to decide how many times i gave up and started again.

2. Eat things when you want to on the spot. Don't resist! You'll eventually come back to it at the worst possible time.

3. Don't follow other diet success stories just learn information from it. Everybody has different lifestyles, metabolism, body structure, personality etc. You have to find your own way. It will definitely take a lot of trial and error.

4. I can't tell you what diet is the best but one thing I can tell you is that eating is 90% and exercise is 10% unless you are an athlete.


These are all my tips. Dieting is a long time process and for some, life-long(me). So just remember to be happy around food and move a lot!!

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